Train Your Show Dog


Our dogs have so many potentials and skills that we could find so many ways to tap into them. While some dogs express themselves in races, not all of our beloved pooches could run the race track without any harm coming upon them. Thus we need to let out imagination travel and see our precious pooch getting that much coveted ribbon! Where better to win that ribbon but in a dog show?

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Table of Contents:

Introduction 2
Dog Shows 3
I’m a beginner, Now what? 3
Training your Dogs 4
Taking Care of Your Show dog 6
Feeding you Dog 7
Types of Dog Shows 8
Dog Show Categories 9
What is being judged? 11
Why smaller breeds? 12
What to do on the big day? 13
What goes on a dog show? 13
How can I know what dog show is for me? 15
Selecting a Dog Show 15
What to remember? 16
What about the handlers? 17
Common Terminologies 18
Conclusion 21


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