Father Of The Bride Speech


So finally, the wedding day is here. Your little darling is getting married, and there is a lot going on in your mind right now, isn’t it? Mixed emotions, you are happy and a bit sad at the same time. Well, after all why wouldn’t you have these emotions running up and down in you, after all your little angels’ flying away to another nest from today for a completely new life, without your protection, care and comfort, which you have been providing her so far.

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Table of Contents

  • Page 2- Introduction
  • Page 3-4 How is the father of the bride speech different from other speeches?
  • Page 4- A basic proposal about the father of the bride speech
  • Page 5-6 Role of the father of the bride in the wedding ceremony
  • Page 7-8 Few sample speeches
  • Page 8-10 Poems for father of bride speech
  • Page 11-12 Using jokes in the father of the bride speech
  • Page 12 Depiction of affection in speeches
  • Page 13-16 Components to be included for father of the bride speech
  • Page 16- Emotions to Include in the Father of the Bride’s Wedding Speech
  • Page 16-18 Body Etiquette for a Father of the Bride Wedding Speech
  • Page 19- A Father of the Brides Wedding Speech Template
  • Page 20- How to write and prepare father of the bride speech
  • Page 21-22 Duties of a father of the bride
  • Page 23-24 Father of the bride speech – the Secret
  • Page 25- Father of the bride equals to host and MC
  • Page 26-29 30 Topics for the father of the bride speech
  • Page 30- Conclusion


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