Enter The Dragon And Ride The Elephant – A-Z Asian Forex Guide


Today all the top Forex traders are aware that consistent profits can be only made by identifying the markets that are emerging. Since Forex deals with the lowest common denominator for any country, it is important to get knowledge about how these diverse trading systems operate. Apart from understanding the dynamics in international relationships it is also important to understand the dynamics of their market trades. Today India and China have emerged as the fastest growing economies of the world.

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Table of Contents

Page 1- Introduction

Page 2- Asian options and its history

Page 3- Understanding the significance of wealth being swept intoAsiaand Forex trading? How do we trade? What currencies should we trade with and for?

Page 4- Understanding payouts for Asian call options through Mathematical average

Page 5- Risk free Asian options

Page 6-8 Different ways for pricing Asian options

Page 8-9 What are theMonte Carlomethod and its role in Asian options?

Page 9-12 Uses of Monte Carlo methods

Page 11- What is importance sampling?

Page 12- Problems in pricing arithmetic average Asian options usingMonte Carlomethods

Page 13-Vorstapproximation and its role in options

Page 14-15 Asian options and market research

Page 16- Restrictions of certain models in Asian options

Page 17-18 Asian options with Forex brokers

Page 19- Asian market options and the role of insurance

Page 20- Asian options and the global financial market

Page 21- Understanding the Forex Trader’s Psychology

Page 22-23 Put your ego in the last when trading in Forex

Page 24- What is support and resistance?

Page 24- To start a career in Forex trading

Page 25- Forex Education

Page 25-26 Conclusion


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