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Join MRRBooks VIP Members’s affiliate program and earn 50.00% on sales!

MRRBooks VIP Members is priced at $9.90 and has an ongoing Then $9.90 USD for each Month(s) membership fee of $9.90. Affiliates will receive a 50.00% commission for every sale referred to MRRBooks VIP Members with your affiliate link. We make ordering easy by giving our customers the following payment options Paypal.

How do you track my sales and pay me commissions?

Commissions for MRRBooks VIP Members will be paid via Paypal,Check, all transactions will be managed and tracked by PayGear, the world’s leading and most secure affiliate network. With the help of PayGear we will provide all the tools you need to create an ongoing revenue stream selling MRRBooks VIP Members.

Just login to PayGear any time to see full tracking, including clicks, sales, total commissions earned, plus it’s all laid out in an easy to read graph.

PayGear’s affiliate tracking is so sophisticated, if someone comes to our site via your affiliate link and decides not to buy, but then returns months later and makes the purchase, you still receive credit for the sale and the commissions will be credited to your account.

When will I receive my commission payout?

All affiliates are paid before the end of the following month in which the sale accrued in all cases. For example, if you made 8 sales in January you will receive your commission payout for these sales by the last day in February. In many cases it will be much sooner.

How do I promote MRRBooks VIP Members?

Once you join our affiliate program you will receive a unique affiliate URL which you can promote. You can promote this URL any means you know how legally. You may put a banner or text ad on your website or blog linked with your affiliate URL, use Google AdWords, recommend us to your mailing list, or place classified ads. Of course these are just a few of the many ways you can promote MRRBooks VIP Members.  Just remember, the most visitors you send us the more money you will earn.

How do I join the MRRBooks VIP Members affiliate program?

Joining is easy, if you already have a PayGear account just click the login button below, if you don’t have a PayGear account please click the join link and sign up now for free. In both cases we will add the product to your account which can then be found under the Promote >> My Affiliate Products tab. Here you will be able to access your affiliate URL and all our selling tools.

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